A Land Without Blogging?

I just discovered that another blog service I use is largely inaccessible in China. DNS server michief is a possible subject, but I’m a bit circumspect about deliberate action when I hear about an inaccessible site. When strolling down Wanfujing Street, past a McDonald’s, past Skaters sporting Bam Margera t-shirts, I get the distinct feeling that the economic freedoms have opened a Pandora’s box. Case in point: Mu Mu. Now the Mu Mu story isn’t exactly news to the web cognoscienti, but as I put together this new blog in less than 30 minutes, it does make me wonder how feasible censorship is when free speech is a few mouseclicks away. I’m not sure we can conveniently dismiss this as a case of authoritarian caste privilege here either; This seems more a cocktail of denial and inevitability.

I’ve been told by a Chinese friend there is a bit too much freedom to be seditious in America, and that can ultimately harm the republic. If you can’t relate to her fears, just have a listen to Cenk Uygur’s banal drivel on Air America. Which leads me to a question I’ve thought about for years now: is free speech the enemy of freeer speech?

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