Why We Need Powntbook


I’ve embraced Pownce, Twitter, and Facebook (“Powntbook”) in a way I never really embraced other apps. They’re distributed, are easy enough for anyone to pick up, and enable instant many-to-many “naked communication“.

So why the rant? I’m getting there – but first an ultra condensed history of communication for the truly ADD. From the stone age until the printing press, conversations were, for the most part one-to-one (1:1). Gutenburg changed that and enabled one-to-many (1:M) communication. Pretty much every subsequent communication innovation since has focused on either 1:1 (telephone, email) or 1:M (newspapers, television, radio). Both types of communication have limitations. 1:1 doesn’t scale well; how many phone calls can you make in one day?. 1:1 is inefficient and also requires on to have the same conversation over and over in some cases. 1:M is ultimately boring as it’s a one-way broadcast and not a conversation.

What we need is many-to-many.

Web 2.0 is about enabling M:M conversations, which is why profoundly significant event in human history. Regardless of who you are, communication takes up more of your day than anything else. M:M communications enable information economy productivity gains the way the industrial revolution enabled industrial productivity gains. What I’m describing isn’t some far off future, rather what’s happening today. Don’t take my word for it – most teenagers already think email is for old people.

I hate 1:1 and I love M:M. I instant message my girl, my mom, and that’s about it. Best way to get my attention? Twitter. Email is something I usefor official purposes only. So why the rant?

I log into twitter (via the most excellent twitterrific).

I log into wordpress to blog.

Then I log into Pownce.

Then I log into Facebook.

Dammit this is slowing me down again.

I want Facebook or Pownce to incorporate Twitter and let me blog too. I want to log in once. Come on guys, you have open APIs, right? End of rant.

If you’re on either network, feel free to join me on Facebook, Pownce, or Twitter. I plan to get around to writing more about web 2.0 social tools from a biz dev perspective. I hope you’ll participate.

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