Lunch Long and Prosper

Cheesy title I know, but I couldn’t resist!

The latest installment of lunch 2.0 was kindly hosted by Spock in Redwood City, the people-search people.

These folks have a great sense of humor, as you can see from the meeting room tag above. I had a blast chatting it up with Matt, Chris, Maia, and Harleen (well, not technically an employee). Maia and Chris spent some time demoing the product and answering questions from the crowd:

Spock’s offering is basically a niche search function – “people search”. The differentiators here is the presentation of search results and community results function: google meets wiki meets white pages? The social network aspect of Spock allows individuals to self-select and community vote-up related individuals (Joe Montana tied to the late Bill Walsh for example). Below is a photograph of people related to Presidential candidate Barack Obama:

Another nice feature is the manner in which Spock aggregates listings. I’ll elaborate by paraphrasing Matt Lawson of Spock: “Searching on google for David Stern from silicon valley will yield 12 links about the NFL commissioner. Spock will give you the NFL commissioner and the local personality right below.” We’ve all tried googling a common name – Matt is right on the money. I’m wondering if this is leading to a parallel offering to what OpenID is trying to achieve. Time will tell.

On a personal note, I had a fantastic time revisiting the NYC social scene with Harleen Mroke, who apparently picks up and moves for the heck of it from time to time, just like me. I have a feeling she’ll stick around now that she’s married to Jay Bhatti (Spock co-founder).

Mosey on over to the full set of pics from lunch here for more.

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