C|net Serves Up Burritos, Good Times, and B|net

Cnet brought in the lunchgoers-in-the-know to its hip headquarters in SOMA for some local tex-mex. This is the first time I’ve been to cnet, and what struck me immediately is how fun and laid back their crew is. Specifically, I spoke with Andrew Mager, Elisabeth Bittner, and Gina (didn’t get the last name!), and got tipped off to their bnet portal. Yeah, I’m the last to know I guess.

The bnet portal Andrew took me through is definitely worth checking out – it seems to be cnet’s direct strike at portals like HBR and Knowledge @ Wharton, in an “Ivy League content for the rest of us” way. The site includes practical advice about gtd, running effective meetings, and navigating corporate politics. The content is succinctly written, and right on the money: I find myself in almost unanimous agreement with their list of Top 10 overrated business books, and their Top 10 underrated business books. I nearly cheered in my seat when I came across the part where they recommend The Art of War over the impractical and unrealistic advice in “Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun“. How to manage your boss is the kind of thing I wish I had read coming out of college and into my first job.

It’ll be interesting to see if my favorite book writers decide to contribute. I’m not talking about the standard so-called genius types you see prominently displayed at your local Barnes and Noble (they seem to be a dime a dozen these days). I’m talking about the gurus’ gurus: CK Prahalad, Greg Mankiw, or the next Peter Drucker.

Any how, here are a few pics of cnet’s lunch 2.0. I apologize for the awful quality – I goofed on the camera setting and this is the result.

The whole set can be had for the taking here. Thanks for a great time cnet!

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3 thoughts on “C|net Serves Up Burritos, Good Times, and B|net

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Eric. It’s awesome the Mager (a new-guy in our tech production dept. helps spread the word about new sites like BNET. He’s the most social coder I’ve ever met — and clearly better PR than we’ve otherwise managed. Or maybe it was just the mini-burritos.

  2. Awesome blog post Eric. The photos look fine! I hope that you stay in touch with Dr. Bittner, too.

  3. Good to see you guys stop by. The bnet product is top notch – I think it definitely hits a nice sweet spot in between the highly academic pubs and the “biz news” pubs. Keep up the great work!

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