I’ve Caught the Web 2.0 Bug in a Big Way

So I’ve done what career counselors advise people to do – I’ve made a hobby into the next stage in my career, by accepting a role at Socialtext in corporate sales.  I’m thrilled to have joined this organization – this a company with fresh funding, fresh ideas (many of which will reach fruition in the coming months), and a new CEO who’s dynamic, focused, and determined to drive growth. It’s been great getting up to speed with the help of Kris Duggan, and Ross and gang have been good enough to school me in the foosball way in addition to the wiki way.  I’m convinced Socialtext has the ability to capitalize on a vast market opportunity. But don’t take my word for it, take Stephen Colbert’s. You know Enterprise 2.0 has arrived in the mainstream when it becomes a part of our collective humorbase:


Facetiousness aside, I’m quite impressed with the thought leadership and vision I found at Socialtext.  Funny enough just as I write this post, Mukund Mohan sent over a tweet to his network lauding Ross Mayfield’s Power Law of Participation as still visionary despite having been written nearly two years ago (an eternity in silicon valley, mind you!) If you haven’t had a chance to look it over, I highly advise reading it. 

While I’m at it, a quick blurb on Halloween, which was a blast: I was lucky enough to crash Cnet’s Halloween bash at the Holy Cow in SOMA (thanks to Terry Chay for the great pics!)  I first made a pit stop, and I figured I’d share it here in the tradition of Scobleizer’s fun-to-read Silicon Valley Moments post. I arrived at Twitter HQ after work to join a little office partying, after hearing there was a bit of liquor to be had. I arrived a bit late for the wine tasting and revelry, but I enjoyed eavesdropping on Blaine Cook’s chat with a couple of pals.  A geeky way to spend a Halloween night for sure, but I being a geek myself, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Robert Scoble took a much clearer picture of the office front door, which I thought was pretty awesome:


Here’s two pictures from the foyer and from Blaine’s workstation (with Blain from Twitter dev on the right), courtesy of my iPhone: 


Yep, I’ve caught the Web 2.0 bug in a big way – I’m even streaming my wedding on the web in 2008. I hope you’ll join Ling ling and I.

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One thought on “I’ve Caught the Web 2.0 Bug in a Big Way

  1. Eric
    Congratulations. I am extremely happy for you. You got a great job at a wonderful company. I think highly of SocialText and view Ross as an awesome guy.

    Keep blogging and yes I’ll view your wedding on the web.

    Congratulations again to you and Ling Ling

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