Facebook, Meet Mainstream.

Recently, CBS News variety program 60 minutes interviewed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on January 13, 2008. Here’s the video.

Part 1

Part 2

Some quick thoughts on the news report:

– The piece was a bit fluffy, but overall well balanced and accessible to the mainstream. I’ll be passing it around to my non-weberati network.

– The key takeaway in regards to Facebook taking on Google is that Google is a great place to get facts, while Facebook is a great place to get advice.

– Kara Swisher’s opinion on Beacon is that it was a bad move. Not quite Kara. Beacon was a smart move strategically, but Facebook didn’t execute on it properly.

– Leslie Stahl touched on Microsoft’s private valuation of Facebook, but never asked “why”. She should have elaborated and/or asked the tough questions.

– Charlene Li (who was interviewed in the piece) put together a good post-mortem.

– Tom Hodgekinson at the UK Guardian put together an interesting contrarian piece to the pep rally around Facebook. Among other things, he makes the point that the real man behind Facebook is Peter Thiel.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook, Meet Mainstream.

  1. EG
    I still believe ANY press is good press for facebook right now. Especially when they are trying to get exposure to “mainstream” folks.

  2. Mukund, thanks for coming by! I agree, all in all Zuckerdog did pretty well. This is the kind of thing we can show people who aren’t in the fold, which is nice.

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