Wacky Wacky Web

It’s always fun to see the mainstream websites adopt tools like Ajax, RESTful Web Services, widely in use by Web 2.0, especially since I contribute my bit to spreading the gospel in the enterprise. But sometimes things can get a little wacky unless you plan your work and then work to the plan. I coach prospects and clients to envision the end goal in terms of metrics (20% increase in customers, 30% less time wasted, etc.), then work backwards from there to develop a workable plan. In other words, Ajax for the sake of ajax makes no sense.

The folks at Hema (Holland’s Target) are either brilliant, or have been hitting the cannabis a bit much. They’ve put up a pretty wild website, which is viral on one hand because people are blogging about it, but also annoying because you can’t skip the circus and head straight to the buying.

The screenie below is what the default website looks like – click below, load the website, and give it a few seconds before all hell breaks loose on your screen.

By the way, notice their word for portable radio is “ghettoblaster”. Hysterical.

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