Social Network Cartography Rebooted

I’ve looked at maps breaking out social networks earlier this year. Time for an update, this time courtesy of Owyweb’s lovely rendered map, shown below (click on the map for a full size view).

As with last time, a few observations…

  • Language ostensibly still ties some of the social networks together – the clearest example would be  France and Algeria.
  • Surprisingly (well, to me at least), Xiaonei is not popular with the Taiwanese. I’m a little suspicious though, since my own experience is that Facebook is more common among the Chinese than the local contender (which looks EXACTLY like Facebook, by the way).
  • Facebook is the one player which seems to be emerging as the global network, both in the “developed” world and in the “third” world. Everyone else seems dominant only ina small sliver of the world.
  • Hi5 seems to be popular in segments around the world, mostly in smaller developing countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Peru. Orkut still has the developing world heavyweights Brazil and India. My read is they are both prime acquisition targets.
  • One drawback for this cartograph is the lack of detailed data, resulting in a winner take all map. The United States does indeed have strong Myspace adoption, but also has strong Facebook adoption not represented here. Germany’s Facebook adoption is similarly strong, albeit not stronger than the local player.
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