The Election on the Web

As we head towards the final election countdown (a few hours to close as I write this), I figured it would be fun to share some of the available election resources on the web. Now you too can be a CNN-style, magic-map election tracker.. the web makes it easy.

A number of election news coverage sites are available catering to both “left” and “right” points of view, as well as the global microblog conversations on Twitter. However if you prefer to avoid the chatter and draw up your own “what if” scenarios, you’ll likely enjoy using the web electoral collage maps tracking tools available. In particular, 270 to Win, Electoral Vote, and CNN’s Electoral calculator allow you to draw up your own. Below are two possible “what if scenarios:

An Electoral College Split (269 Obama,  269 McCain)

My Guess (Obama 317, McCain 221)

Update 8:06 PM PST: The major news networks are calling Obama the new President elect. An old Chinese proverb comes to mind: “may you live in interesting times”. Congratulations to our new President.

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