Get Your Baggage Handled, Get a Badge For It

Passive resistance is an all-sided sword; it can be used anyhow; it blesses him who uses it and him against whom it is used.

-Mahatma Ghandi

Thomas Paine’s 1777 pamphlet titled “Common Sense” later became 1960’s woodstock, which now becomes 2010’s.. Foursquare. Hilariously so!

Beginning today, the location-sharing service will award a badge to anyone who checks in at an airport with words along the lines of “TSA,” “touch,” or “Don’t Touch My Junk!”

The badge is a satirical reference to National Opt Out Day, where participants opt out of full body, “strip you naked” electronic scanners in favor of TSA massages physical corporal inspections. Protesters are planning to send a message to the government by creating an overflow of work on November 24, 2010 – the day before Thanksgiving.  It’s typically the busiest air travel day of the year in the United States.

The tagline isn’t quite the elegance of “Don’t Tread on Me”, but “Don’t Touch My Junk” has become the Facebook age’s call to resistance. The tagline came from software engineer John Tyner, who recorded his experience with new airport screening policies put in place by the Transportation Security Administration on his iPhone. If you haven’t seen it (and you should if drama queens make you laugh), here you go:

In case you’re wondering, the badge unlock text reads: “Looks like you’ve had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight!”

You might be wondering why I’m blogging about this, aside from the fact it’s funny. The reason is it’s also a great example of how a startup can get major media coverage for very little money.

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